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I seem to get a lot of messages of late. The stress of the mortgage

business is now overwhelming. One dayI cried out to God and asked

for the strength to kill myself. My sister called me and by ‘accident’.

She found a web site called “Mathews Messages” and read me the

following message..


The strangest part was that my sister’s friend, Carol, had called

my sister and told her there was the perfect message for me  and

go to Mathews Messages for the current message.


That is TWO people that relayed the same message to me within  two hours.

The message reads as follows:

“MATTHEW: Mother, dear soul, great thanks from me and the others at this station for taking time out

from the flurry of activity to prepare the list of questions.


I’ll get to those, but first I want to relate a message from all of us. Before the “text,” if you will, we say

THE LIGHT HAS WON—keep this truth foremost in your thoughts at all times! We ask also that you take

to heart the importance of our words to you this day.


A previous message included our awareness of the fluctuating confidence even among light workers

regarding the progress of the light.


We fervently hoped that all such wavering would cease, but it appears that each time something

expected does not happen or something not anticipated does, you falter in your conviction that progress

is being steadily made, and fear in some form enters your being.


The varying forms and severities of fear extend from all-encompassing hopelessness, temporary

expression, concerned preoccupation about a possibility, and anger about a disappointing outcome to

apathy. If you ask yourselves, did my feelings anywhere along that spectrum favorably affect



Your answer would be “No.” It may be “No” because you feel helpless to make a change in something as

expansive as a war zone or genocide or massive drug use, for instance, or someone you deeply care

about is experiencing a dire situation beyond your means to relieve. When you look deeper, you see that

applies only to your reaction to what you perceive as the status of Earth’s or another soul’s journey,

and not your own. So again we remind you that the pace of Earth’s ascension is steady and her

destination in the higher densities assured, and souls are Experiencing what they chose for their own



it is YOUR journey that you need to address.


It is out of our abiding love for each of you that we urge you to act on this universal truth: You choose

your reaction to every situation and you have the power to change a negative reaction to a positive one.


This is not a bit of delusion to trick you into feeling better it is accepting the light that we constantly are

beaming to you and allowing it to uplift you out of the morass of negativity. Indeed our light helps your

homeland planet and all of her other life forms, but we are speaking here about YOUR life pathway.


When light permeates your being, it aligns you with your soul’s chosen mission steadfastness in this

pathway is your foremost responsibility.


It is from this essence that you grow consciously and evolve spiritually, and simply put, that’s why you

are there!


Often we have told you that there will be bumps along the way to the Golden Age, the Age of

Enlightenment, the era of love and peace throughout all of Earth. These bumps include what you may

consider “setbacks” in the course of the light, although they are NOT—they are only delays in the

energy’s surge forward that once tended to, will not after all be delays because they are followed by

Earth’s faster “catch-up” pace. Again we return to YOUR pace and encourage you to maintain it in

steadiness so you are spiritually prepared to successfully encounter the actual bumps during this

transitional stage of your planet’s ascension.


Back to fear, the food of the darkness and its primary tool against light workers. Yes, we do realize that

you know this well, so why are we saying it again? It’s because you know the force field of negative

thought forms that we commonly call the dark forces has left the vicinity of your planet and you may

feel that now you are impervious to the darkness.


There are no the dark tentacles lingering in the hearts of Earth’s residents that can affect you.


The energy of fear from any source there refuels and beguiles them into believing they still have a

chance to dominate all of Earth by capturing one by one the other soul there.   Although they are

deluded in thinking that world domination still is within their grasp, they are correct in thinking that

they can reach light workers. We do not mean that only light workers may be affected, but it is you

whom they are targeting, and lamentably, in some cases, they have reached with varying degrees of



Health problems, some even with near-death experience, are the most pronounced effects among

healing energy practitioners whose dedication to helping others led to their exhaustion and thus

vulnerability to entry by the darkness.


Not only does this prevent these souls from continuing their valuable light service until, or if, they

recover, but the collective deep concern about these dear ones feeds the darkness.


We tell you that prayers “for their highest good” and releasing the outcome to the Universe will most

benefit them and at the same time, lighten your hearts and minds. There is that dark “trap” in this kind

of light activity, and we remind you that it is the same with receivers of telepathic transmissions.


Do NOT perform either of these services if you are feeling fatigued, ill or emotionally stressed!

 Those conditions reduce your light energy and are an open invitation for the tentacles of darkness to

enter in the forms of disease and disinformation.


Rest to the extent possible and indulge in recreation—restorative pursuits that will rejuvenate mind,

body and soul. To know when you can safely and effectively resume your light service, ask within and

heed the answer that comes as intuition.   Another reminder for healing energy workers: If a patient’s

soul contract calls for experiencing the condition or the chosen missions have been completed, your

efforts to treat or cure the person cannot override those choices; the patient’s energy field will block the

love energy flowing through you that you intend to be healing.


Falling into fear for any reason takes its toll. Anxiety about precarious employment or job loss or

financial woes is causing the actuality to befall souls who give these situations their focused attention.


Even though untold fortunes are still in the control of the illumination, the universal law of attraction

provides financially for you who see the blessings of life, feel thankful for them, and understand that

seemingly adverse circumstances are “open door” opportunities for the changes necessary for you.


Spiritual grow In short, soul contract choices and the laws of the Universe prevail, and each of you, so

cherished by all of us, constantly has the light as your pathway beacon.” In addition to the above

message, the last two times I went to Church with my wife it was like the priest was giving me a personal

lecture. It was so good the last time that my wife actually laughed.


After all my adventures I am very tired and depressed, and after all these, and other adventures that are

not even in this book I don’t think I can go on any longer. My sister, who has cancer, calls me and cries

to me on the phone. Pamela, a girl I met on the bus with an arm that looks like my foot, also calls me

and cries to me on the phone. I still get calls from some of the jobless underwriters who need work and

ask me if I can help them. I don’t have $50.00 in the bank. The boys are not giving me what I need to

continue helping people so as I have said many times in this book, “I quit, and take me home”.


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