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Everybody has “Angelic Adventures” (when an angel helps you

accomplish something), even if we don’t realize it. Take September 11th,

for example:

There are thousands upon thousands of stories from people who were late

for work, or couldn’t make it in that day, or were sent on errands, or

whatever. On that day, only 2,974 people died.


I say “only” because on a normal work day, 200,000 workers and tourists would pass through the World

Trade Center.   It just was not their time to go, so their Guardian Angels protected them. If it’s not your

time, you’re not going anywhere.  Until it’s your time to leave, your Guardian Angels are always with

you, helping you and keeping you safe from harm.

  • Alba's Son Almost Died In 9/11

    Just one small example: My sister lives in New York City. One day, a woman named Alba, who is a

    swimming pool attendant in New York City, told my sister this story:


    Every morning, Alba would iron a shirt for her son to go to work. The son worked at “Windows on the

    World”, a restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center. The morning of September 11, 2001, Alba’s

    son didn’t like the shirt his mother ironed, and wanted another shirt in its place. She said “Then iron it

    yourself.” He did, and it made him late for work that day, so he is still alive.

  • My Florida Trip

    Once on  a  trip home from Florida, I had a feeling to take a different way home. I had a feeling to go

    straight north and then west, whereas I usually turn onto Interstate 24 and headed northwest. I was

    listening to the radio, and heard there were a lot of storms in Nashville.

    Interstate 24 runs through Nashville. The scary part, however, was when I was about 15 miles from the

    24 and 75 junction, the radio commentator said “Do not go west on Interstate 24.” It was like he was

    speaking directly to me!


    I took the other way home, and missed all the bad storms

  • A Drunk Woman Falls In My Arms

    During all this time, my eldest son grew up and moved away to Florida on a computer programming

    job. After he moved, he got laid off because of the lack of programming jobs available. He couldn’t find

    work in Florida, so I did another stupid thing. I brought him into the mortgage business


    I am not going to say much about this one except, it was my most costly adventure to date. But he was

    my son, and it really didn’t matter.


    I used to drive to Florida on a regular basis.   My trips back and forth were usually routine, except for

    the next adventure. It was very heart-lifting and one of my most moving adventures to date.


    The drive from my house in Chicago to my son’s house in Florida is exactly 24 hours. I know exactly

    when I am going to arrive there based on the time I leave Chicago. In that period, there is time for a

    four-hour nap.


    Well, I was running an hour late, because I overslept. I was somewhere in Tennessee when I stopped at

    a rest area to use the bathroom.  I was walking back to my car when I saw a man in the car parked next

    to me raise his car’s hood. For some reason, I thought it looked a little suspicious, so I watched him for a

    couple of minutes. It was no big deal, so I started back to my car. As I walked out of the rest area, a

    young woman ran over to me and just fell into my arms.


    She was obviously drunk. She asked me if I had a cell phone, I said “Yes.” She asked if I would call

    her mother, so I did. She was so drunk, she couldn’t dial the phone herself. I called her mother and

    told her where we were. The mother said she’d be right there. I helped the young woman back to her



    To my surprise, there were two little girls in the car. It was cold out and they didn’t have any coats.

    The young woman told me that she just had a fight with her husband, that he was beating her, and so

    she took the kids and left. I took off my jacket and gave it to one little girl, and took off my sweat shirt

    and gave it to the other one. I had nothing on the top half of my body. I started walking back to my

    car to get another shirt when another woman, who was also in the rest area, came up to me and

    offered to help me. I gave her my cell phone and told her to call the police, and I went back to the

    young woman’s car and took away her keys.


    I spoke with the police dispatcher, and asked them if the police could watch the kids until their

    grandparents arrived. The police were there in five minutes, but the grandparents weren’t there yet.

    The police were talking to the young woman when the grandparents arrived. The little girls then got

    back in their mother’s car, and gave me back my clothes. The situation seemed to be under control,

    so I decided to leave.


    The grandparents shook my hand and thanked me, and the police officer shook my hand and thanked

    me for taking the young mother’s keys away and not letting her drive off. By my taking her keys away,

    it also prohibited him from having to give her a ticket or citation for DUI or any moving violations she

    might commit.


    I felt very good about what I did; I may have saved the lives of those two children. I believe I left with

    a tear in my eye. I also know that this was a test that my Guardian Angels had arranged;


    Let’s just call it a sensitivity test. I now knew what it felt like to save someone’s life.


  • My dead Battery

    On the way home from the same trip to Florida, I had another adventure. I don’t usually carry a lot of

    money. I usually used my debit .


    I only had $5.00 in cash, and was looking for a McDonald’s. I noticed that I was also running low on

    gas so I needed to get some gas at the next exit.


    At the next exit, there were four gas stations to choose from. There was a Mc Donald’s in one of them,

    so I went there. I turned my engine off and filled the tank. Then I tried to start the car, but nothing

    happened, as if the battery was dead. I had no spark. I decided to go and eat breakfast. Then when I

    came back out I tried to start the car. But the car still didn’t start, so I started looking for help.


    The gas station was a truck stop, but they had neither jumper cables nor a mechanic on duty. The

    cashier offered to jump my car, but that alone was not good enough. I needed to know if it was the

    battery or the alternator. If it was my alternator, it would break down at best in five minutes after the



    I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to go back in Mc Donald’s and think it over. As I headed back

    to Mc Donald’s, I noticed a red truck was in my way. I actually bumped into it. To my surprise it said

    “Emergency Road Repair” and there was a phone number on the side of the truck. I called it, and told

    the mechanic who answered that I needed help. He asked me were I was. I replied “Just outside.” He

    asked if he could finish his breakfast. I said “Sure.”


    He came out and jumped my car and tested the alternator. The alternator was okay. My battery had

    just died. I never drove a car where the battery just died while it was in motion.


    I went to the cash station and got  $40.00 I need to pay for the jump. The mechanic only wanted

    30.00, but I gave him a tip.

    There’s more to the adventure. I don’t like to be ripped of by auto mechanics, and I’ve found the most

    trustworthy place to be Pep Boys. So I decided to drive to Indianapolis and buy a new battery. I drove

    400 miles to Indianapolis on a dead battery looking for Pep Boys, and really had no clue where to

    find a Pep Boys. I guess I could have called, but I didn’t.


    Anyway, I was driving by the Lafayette exit and knowing a little about Indianapolis, I remember

    Lafayette as being a busy street. I got off, and at the end of the ramp as I looked left and what did I



    You guessed it. Pep Boys. My Angels took me to the exact exit after a 400 mile trip. That’s like finding

    a needle in a corn field, not even a haystack.


    I told the story to the mechanic working on my car, and his response was that I was very lucky,

    because there were only three Pep Boys in Indianapolis and I never would have found the other two.

    So my Gradian Angels told me exactly where to go.


  • I Heard The Voice Of God

    I was still a salesman and had to go to Joliet, Illinois late one night. I was very tired and a voice in my

    head told me to “pull over to the right and get some rest.” I thought, no, I wouldn’t do it because I

    didn’t have the time. Then I heard the voice again: “Pull over to the right and get some rest.” Again I

    thought no, because I did not have the time.


    So I was driving along, and all of a sudden I heard “PULL OVER TO THE RIGHT!” This time, it

    sounded like a police megaphone. I jumped up in my seat and thought that I was being pulled over by

    another police car – which happens to me all the time.


    I pulled over to the right, and slowly go out of the car. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out

    my wallet.   I turned around to walk toward the police officer, but there was NO ONE THERE!   I

    know I heard the voice! I guess my Guardian Angels wanted to make sure I heard them. After their

    first two failures, they decided to become a little more vocal to get my attention, and they did!


  • I fell Asleep Again While I Was Driving

    In the days after my business failed, I was very depressed. After declaring bankruptcy, most people

    go through a period of having to accept the fact that they were failures. It was no different for me.


    It was about 10:00 in the evening, and I was driving my cab northbound on the Dan Ryan

    Expressway, and I fell asleep again. But this time, there was no one around to help me wake up. So I

    heard my Guardian Angels tell me very clearly in my head, “Wake up!” I actually heard my soul voice

    answer, “NO! I don’t want to wake up!” So what were they to do?


    Here I was, asleep on the Dan Ryan Expressway in heavy traffic, and my soul did NOT want to wake

    up. So they tricked me. I was now driving past White Sox Park, and there happened to be a night

    game in progress. The night lights were on.


    When you’re asleep and someone turns on the lights, you can see the lights through your eyelids. So it

    happened again. The night lights of White Sox park woke me up.


    My Angels wanted to make sure I woke up, so they put a thought of money in my head: Lights,

    ballgame, people, fares, and make money. It worked, and I woke up instantly. This is the third time

    they saved my life.

  • They Arrested Me

    I still felt very lost, so I decided that I was going to sell drugs and women. After driving the cab for

    two years, I knew where to find them both.


    Policemen don’t like cab drivers and harass them all the time, but they had never bothered me.


    Now, all of a sudden they started to harass me. Every time I drove by a policeman, I got a ticket. I

    never received more that three tickets a year as a regular motorist, but now that I was driving a cab, I

    was on my tenth ticket. Finally, they got me! I was at O’Hare Airport, three feet over a line that was

    marked a restricted area, so an officer gave me another ticket, arrested me, and took me to the police



    At the police station, the officer ran my name through a computer, and confirmed my previous

    address and said “I’ve got you!”


    “You’ve got me for what?” I asked. He said that I had ten parking tickets that went back ten years,

    and put me under arrest! I thought to myself that this must be a dream – but it wasn’t.


    He drove me to the main police station on Gale Street. I was allowed my one phone call and then I

    was locked in a cell. I called my wife and she brought our last $350.00 cash to bail me out.


    I was in jail for three hours, and I was so depressed, that I thought about hanging myself in my

    holding cell. I posted my bond, and I was released.


    People who get arrested for parking tickets don’t usually get put in a cell, but God wanted me in one. I

    had to learn what it would be like to spend time in jail, because if I became a pimp or a drug pusher,

    that’s where I would have eventually wound up. It was my Guardian Angels who told all those police

    men to stop me. They had to find one officer mean enough to lock me up – and they did.


    After my experience in jail, I promised God that I would never do any thing to break the law again.

    And now that I learned my lesson, I had to prove to myself that this lesson came directly from God.


    So I started to drive the cab more recklessly, and guess what? Nothing happened. I never got another

    ticket as a cab driver.


    Once I even made a U-turn right in front of a police car, and he never even stopped me.


    I continued to test my theory for another two years. I was driving a company car with Tennessee

    license plates. The plates were expired for over a year until an officer noticed them.


    I parked my car, and was going into McDonald’s and a police car parked next to me.


    We both got out of our cars at the exact same moment, he looked at my license plates and then at me.

    I said to him I was just waiting until someone noticed. He responded “Get your new license plates.” I

    replied, “Okay, I will.”


    God sent me to jail to teach me a very important lesson!   I never want to go back there.

  • My First Auto Accident

    It was my first serious car accident. It was dark and I was eastbound on the Eisenhower Expressway.

    I was in the left lane and I saw an emergency vehicle on the left shoulder ahead of me. The vehicle

    was too wide for the shoulder, and it extended into my left lane.


    I applied my brakes to slow down, but they locked, and I went into a skid. I skidded into the concrete

    wall, head on, at about 45 miles an hour. The whole front of my car was totaled. I walked away

    without a scratch.


    I was definitely protected.

  • The Truck Hit Me

    My next accident was even worse. Because of my reputation, no one in my family will ever let me

    drive their cars, even to this day. At the time I was driving my car, it was an Infinity, very rounded

    and sleek.


    My son had a date, and asked to use my car. In turn, I had to use his Black Oldsmobile Bravada,

    which was like a Jeep.


    I was eastbound on the Kennedy Expressway, just to the front right of a truck. I was destined to be

    there at that time and place because I was on the way to a loan closing.   The driver of the truck didn’t

    see me, and  turned into my lane. The right front of his truck clipped the rear end of my vehicle and

    spun me around. I wound up sideways crushed against the grill of the truck.


    He never did see me because he was sitting too high up, but he felt the crash.


    The truck applied his brakes and skidded at least 100 feet down the highway, crashing my vehicle

    into the concrete wall on the left side of the highway. Both sides of my vehicle were crushed.


    The miracle was that I wasn’t driving my own car. If I was driving my small rounded car, the truck

    would have rolled over me and crushed me.


    Driving my son’s car saved my life.

  • My Car Chase

    t was late one night, and I had just parked my car.


    I opened the back door to get my papers out of the car and go in my house. As I reached into the back

    seat, my papers fell to the car floor. It seemed like someone or something knocked.


    Because they fell, I had to stretch a little father and move a little further into the car. Just as I

    grabbed the papers, I head a loud “BANG.” A car driving down the street had hit my open back door,

    and kept driving down the street like nothing happened.


    If I would have been standing, I would have been crushed. Instead it knocked my car’s back door

    almost off it’s hinges and was hanging there. I got behind the wheel, and started to chase the other

    car, who was trying to flee the scene of the crime.


    So here I am driving on the wrong side of the street, chasing the driver who almost killed me, just

    like a chase scene on TV or the movies. I curbed him once, but he just drove around me an tried to

    escape a second time.


    During the chase I was lucky to pass two plain clothes detectives as they were getting into their car,

    and they took over the chase for me. They caught the driver a few blocks later and arrested him for

    drunken driving.


    The truly sad part of this tale was that there were two little children in the car with him.


    They went with him to the police station, and were sitting in the police lobby when I got there.


    My Guardian Angels knocked the papers off the back seat so the oncoming car didn’t crush me.


  • I Was Stopped By The Police

    It was about 4:00 PM and I was driving west on Roosevelt Road when I saw the flashing lights. I got

    stopped again. An officer came up to my car and said “You changed lanes and didn’t use your turn

    signal. I have to give you a ticket.”


    He went back to his vehicle, and came back to me in a few minutes. He said “Do you know that your

    license is suspended?”


    I replied “No. What for?”


    He said “Parking tickets in Chicago.


    I’m going to let you go, but please pay your tickets.”


    He never even came to court.



    I paid my parking tickets and when I went to traffic court, I was found guilty but got court

    supervision for ninety days.


    Nothing ever appeared on my record.

  • My Car Caught On Fire

    I was driving a ten-year old car and was taking my son somewhere. Suddenly, my son said that he

    was hungry and wanted to stop for a hot dog.   We stopped at the next hot dog stand, got out of the

    car walked into the stand, turned around and saw that my car was on fire!



    I know that My Guardian Angel told my son that he was hungry. They did the same to me in a later


  • My Car Went Out Of Control

    I was driving my son to college in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the weather was bad. It was snowing

    and the roads were very slippery.


    Something in my head told me to be very careful.


    The highway was merging into a different highway.


    I had to speed up a little on the ramp to merge into the new highway. I just touched the gas pedal, and

    the car went out of control. It started to spin in circles in the middle of the highway. It spun around

    about five times until it finally came to a full stop.


    All the other traffic on the highway around us slowed to a stop and let us spin around in somewhat

    of a clear area. It was truly a miracle that we did not hit any other cars on the highway.


  • My Heart Attack

    I guess my Guardian Angels started to get a little tired of me wanting to quit my mission, and return

    to God or Heaven, or whatever you wish to call it. I think that they wanted to teach me a lesson or

    test me and see what I really wanted so they would know how to handle me.


    One day I was just walking down the street and I felt a pain in my chest. It was a very severe pain

    and I thought that I was having a heart attack.


    The pain was so bad that I dropped to my knees and was about to fall on my face.


    I thought for sure that this is it! I was having a heart attack and was about to die.


    I remember what I thought. “Thank God it’s finally over.”


    I then felt what I call “cosmic panic” all around me. I don’t think that my Angels were ready for

    what I was really thinking.


    How many people could really say that, when they were about to die?   Then a funny thing happened.

    The pain was gone, and I stood right up and walked away. I seemed to be just fine.


    My Guardian Angels finally realized that I was not afraid to face death!

  • My Flat Tire Saved My Life

    I decided to take a vacation in California, especially since I had three offices there. I was going to

    drive out there with my family.


    We took Highway 80 all the way. Around the Iowa border, we had a flat tire and I fixed it myself. I

    now had no spare, so at the next exit, I decided to buy a new spare tire.



    We pulled into the first auto repair shop we found. While we were there, I decided to fix the car’s air

    conditioner for the drive trough the desert.


    The whole stop should have taken us about an hour, and then we would be back on our way, but fate

    had something else in store for us.


    The mechanic ordered the parts he needed to fix the car, while we went to eat dinner across the street

    from the garage. When we got back, we found out they sent him the wrong parts and that we might

    not be able to get it that day. That meant we’d have to stay over until the next day.


    So the family checked into a motel for the night. That night, a large storm went by us as we slept. The

    next morning, my wife bought a newspaper.   She read about the storm that went by us, and the

    tornados that went with it. People were killed and there was severe damage.



    If we hadn’t had the flat tire, we would have driven right into the center of the storm. My Guardian

    Angels wanted to make sure we weren’t hurt.

  • My Alcolean Adventure

    One day I was driving down Roosevelt Road in Lombard, and I asked my guardian Angels for a

    “sign.” I looked to my right, and saw a gasoline pump which said “Ethanol.”


    It was the same ethanol that was my life twenty-five years prior.


    It was the Road Ranger station in Lombard. In the entire Chicago area, there were only about ten

    stations that sold E85 (85% Ethanol & 15% Gasoline). That was my sign.


    Then I met Linda, and was on a talk show about ethanol fuel. A caller called in about ethanol

    conversions, and Linda decided to have another show with all the experts on E85.


    I had a dream that I was given the four secrets to ethanol. I called Linda the next morning, and asked

    when she was going to see Jim Walton (the caller). She said at 9:00 that morning. I cancelled my

    loan-closing appointment and met her there.

  • Someone Broke Into My Car

    This was very small but it shows how well my Guardian Angel watched over me.


    When I was in the Mortgage Business I keep all my loan files and important other files in my car in a

    plastic file crate.


    That day, LaSalle Bank “Cash Station ”ate my debit card, so I had to take my Bank file in the house

    with my extra debit cards and passwords to activate one of my other cards.


    Because of that, the debit cards were not in the car when my car was broken into. Otherwise, they

    would not only get the cards but the passwords as well.


  • I Lost My Keys

    One evening before bed, I hung my keys on my tie rack.


    (Since my stroke, I wear my keys around my neck on a cloth rope with W.W.J.D. sewn into it. The

    message repeats itself over and over. It stands for What Would Jesus Do.


    The next morning, I was running late for my first appointment, but I couldn’t find my keys. I looked

    on the tie rack, but they just weren’t there. My wife had the other set but she was at Church and I had

    to wait until she came home.


    I had some time to kill so I tried to call Wal-Mart for the third time. After my first call, they told me to

    send them a proposal for a mortgage company.


    A week later, I e-mailed some legal forms for their lawyer to review. Maybe I got lucky and might do

    the deal with Wal-Mart. It was a miracle that I talked to the right person.


    Later that morning I told my wife that I misplaced my keys, so she went to look for them. She found

    them on the floor next to the tie rack. No, I hadn’t looked on the floor. How did they get there? Did the

    fall or were they moved?


    I’ll never figured out the answer, but if I get the Wal-Mart account, I’ll know they moved my keys! If I don’t,

    maybe it was just an accident, but I know that something will come as a result of that call.


  • Our Florida Vacation

    Some years ago, we decided to take a vacation in Florida. I took my wife, Mary, and our sons to Disney

    World in Orlando.


    We didn’t drive this time, we took Amtrak.


    Once in Florida, we rented a car and had a great time. It was finally the time for us to leave. We had

    to turn in the car by noon, but the train wasn’t coming until 5:00 in the afternoon.


    I didn’t want to pay for the car an extra day, so we dropped the car off at 11:30 and the bus dropped

    us off at the train station.



    I was shocked once we got there.   There was no station as such, there was only a railroad siding

    with a wooden platform.


    What do you do with a 6-year old and a 10-year old in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do for

    five and a half hours?


     It was torture for Mary and the kids.   By ‘chance’, a local family stopped by the station to check the

    train schedule.


    They were very nice, and it was as if God sent them to us. We took out a blanket and we had a five-

    hour picnic for the rest of the afternoon. It was great, and they stayed with us until the train showed

    up.   If they hadn’t stopped by, who knows how we would have made it through the afternoon! I

  • I Went To The Doctor

    Since my stroke my blood pressure has been very high. My doctor is worried that he cannot get it

    down low enough with medication, so he sent me to a behaviorist to see If I can change my life habits

    and help lower my pressure, so I decided to go. I went to the PCC Clinic that I usually go to and saw

    her. After only a few questions about the subject of death, she found out about some of my beliefs and

    she immediately made an appointment for me with her boss. I had a very interesting talk with the

    psychologist. We talked about the things in my book and I even brought him a copy of this book so he

    could get a better understanding where I was coming from in my thinking, We talked about GOD a

    little and he made an appointment for me for the next week, he had to digest everything.

  • I Went To The Doctor Again

    I had to go back to the doctors because he thought I was a little different. He really did not know what

    to think except he never talked to anyone quite like me before.


    He wanted me to take notes on everything that was a little strange that the BOYS might have had a

    hand in doing for me or to me.

  • My Bus Adventure

    My Bus Adventure


    Every time I go out of the house I have an adventure.


    just today I was standing on a Bus stop and the Bus was not coming so I said something to the man

    standing next to me. Then he said “Do You Believe In God”? I just looked at him. He said it out of the

    blue. The Boys put the thought in his head so I would give him a short speech. Guess what. He was

    studding to be a pastor and I shocked him with what I said and gave him a whole new persecutes of

    what he was doing to do. Just one more person that the boys sent my way.

  • Another Bus Adventure

    Another Bus Adventure

    One day I took the bus to see one of my clients and I was on the Ashland Avenue Bus and I kept

    getting a message in my head, I knew it was NOT my thinking because it was too stupid. It said “Go

    up and give the Bus Driver the speech ? I replied “ No I am not going to stand up in the front of the

    Bus and give the speech.


    I must have heard it 10 times and each time I said “NO”


    Some people get messages and think that they are their thoughts, but how can I argue with myself

    for 20 minutes?


    So then guess what happened? The bus was going over a long bridge that was elevated over a

    commercial area. On the bridge there was a young man walking across it.


    The Bus Driver stopped and told him to get on the bus for Free. So I could not say NO to this.


    I got up and said to her “that was very, very nice of you”.

    And while I up standing in the front of the bus, (They tricked me again and I knew it), I started to give

    her the speech. I was up front for 20 minutes giving her the lecture and the end, of course I asked the

    same question, Did you need to hear that, and of course she said “yes thank you” and then I got off

    the bus.

  • Still Another Bus Adventure

    Still Another Bus Adventure

    One day I left the house early and it was rush hour. The first Bus I take is the Belmont Avenue Bus. I

    have to take it about 5 miles and that takes a while in rush hour traffic, maybe as much as one hour.

    When I am on the bus there is a handicapped area. It looks like below diagram:

    Front of the             Passenger   Seat 2          Passenger

    The Center Aile of the bus

    Front of the             Me                  Seat 2          Passanger

    (The seats in this area are parallel)


    So it was rush hour and I was sitting in the first seat. The bus was full, you could not get another

    passenger on the bus, but nobody sat next to me in seat 2 for 5 miles. WHY NOT? Well it was another



    I then transferred to the next bus. This time seat 2 was open on both sides. I had to go another 5 miles in

    rush hour traffic on this one. The bus was almost full again but nobody sat in either seat for a while.

    Then a minority lady got on and choose to sit next to me in seat 2.  Why didn’t she sit on the other



    Front of the             Passenger      Seat 2          Passenger

    The Center Aile of the bus

    Front of the             Me                    Seat 2          Passanger


    Well that was my message, so I gave her the “speech”.

    Then I asked her the same question I ask every one after I give them the speech and you already know

    what the answer was. “Yes” of coarse ! ! ! !

  • Another One

    Another One

    This time it was just a lady sitting next to me. We started to talk and I started giving her the speech. I

    asked her the question and you know the answer. But her next statement was the heavy part.  She

    said she was running an hour late, she just could not get out of the house, a variety of things just

    happened to delay her until she was supposed to leave to meet me.

  • My Clinic Adventure

    My Clinic Adventure

    One day I went to my PCC Clinic and while I was waiting, a lady sat down next to me. She was using

    one crutch. So we had something in common and of course we started to talk to each other, and I

    gave the school speech about the Soul coming down here to go to school, etc. She told me she did

    need to hear it today.


    Then she told me the heavy part.


    She said “ I usually sit on the other side of the room so I can see the door and who comes in. But

    today I thought I should sit on this side of the room because It would be closer to the check in desk”.


    The “Boys” told her to sit next to me ! They did it again

  • Comcast


    It even happens to me on the telephone. One time the Comcast installation Tech. Came a day early

    and we didn’t know that he came because we were out. So I called to reschedule the appointment. I was

    on the phone for ONE hour and talked three different departments and then I was disconnect.


    I was really pissed, so I called them back one more time. This time a nice lady answered the phone

    in 4 rings. She said sure I can reschedule the appointment. Then she said “ I see what they did and I



    Then I knew it, it was another set up so I gave her the speech, but this one was a quick one because I

    knew that she had to go back to work.  Of course I asked her the same question.  Her answer was “

    Yes very much, but I can’t tell you on the phone because this call is being recorded, but thank you.”

  • My Old Radio Show

     My Radio Old Show

    On some of my bus adventures a few people said why don’t you go back on the radio. Linda, was my

    co- host on the radio show “God Stories” and I asked her  doing another radio show , but I needed a

    copy of a show to present to a radio station. Where was I going to get a copy of a show. Linda didn’t

    have one, I could not find one and the shows on the web site were not working.