Is It Chance Or Destiny- What’s It All About?

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What Is Reincarnation?

What is reincarnation? To understand the concept, we must first ask what

is the soul?.

The soul is your consciousness which enters the physical body at birth

and leaves the physical body upon death. Where does the soul go?

The general belief is that if the soul is worthy it goes to Heaven or if the Soul

is not worthy, it goes to some other dark and terrible place.

Reincarnation is the concept that the soul instead of going to some other

place for eternity, gets “recycled” and comes back to this existence in

 a different physical body, and lives another life until it corrects its

flaws and becomes perfect.


The Catholic Church in their masses says over and over again;

* Christ has died

* Christ has risen

* Christ will come again

Well I count that Christ had or will have three different lives.


The New Testament’s official position is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that man was created by

God, so God is our Father. That officially makes Jesus Christ our Brother.    If Jesus, who was a Perfect Soul

gets at least three lives, how many does a not-so-perfect brother get? Five, ten or twenty?


I feel like a tired “old soul,” and based on my years dealing with dreams, messages, and experiences with

life, I’ve concluded the following:

* I believe that our soul comes into this existence to learn, and based on what it learns,

    evolves to a higher level.

*I believe that the soul existence is based on achieving perfection through its journeys

through physical incarnations, Once the soul achieves perfection, it then merges with God.

* It is not until the soul achieves perfection that is the ultimate merge can take place.

*  So basically, the soul has to keep coming back until it gets it right.

 In my dream # 1, I smelled death and the smell was so bad that I vomited in my bed.   Michael Shapiro

never smelled death, but my soul retained the memory of the smell. How did my soul remember the stench

of death?


Regardless of what is taught by organized religions, I believe in the concept of “whatever you sew, so shall

you reap.”  I find it impossible to believe that we only get “one crack at life.”


It’s more logical for me to believe that we cannot learn everything from just one visit here on this plane of

existence.  Many people get a feeling that they have done or been or seen something before. This feeling is

called déjàvu, which is French for “already seen.”


Maybe they have seen it before, or done it before, or been it before, but just didn’t get it right. They’re

always given the chance to come back and try again.


I believe that the Earth plane of existence may be just one level of existence, and that there are others.


In a book called Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, M.D., who is a well-respected psychiatrist.

The book recounts Dr. Weiss’s experience with a patient who, during a session, spontaneously regressed

to a former life, as well as giving Dr. Weiss messages as to what happens between lives. The between-life

information was so specific that the patient was able to describe medical details of the death of Dr. Weiss’s

son, which the patient couldn’t possibly know anything about.


Also in his book, he states that he had a textbook from a religious course at Columbia University. The

textbook referenced reincarnation in both the Old and New testaments in the year 325 A.D. The Roman

Emperor, Constantine the Great, along with his mother, Helena, altered the Bible.  They deleted references

to reincarnation contained in the New Testament.  The Second Council of Constantinople, meeting in 553

A.D., confirmed this action and declared the concept of reincarnation a heresy.


Apparently, they thought this concept would weaken the growing power of the Church by giving humans

too much time to seek their salvation.  Yet the original reference was there!


The early Church fathers had accepted the concept of reincarnation.


The early Gnostics –Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Saint Jerome, and others, believed that they lived

before and would again” (pp 35-36 of Many Lives, Many Masters).