Is It Chance Or Destiny- What’s It All About?

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Life On Earth

Let’s face it, life on Earth isn’t easy! But it’s the obstacles

and difficulties in life which are the seeds of wisdom.

Ask anyone if they’d want to live their life over, and they’ll say:

“Only if I know what I know now!”


We’re all students in this Earth University of Life.

In my younger years, I questioned – or more to the point, I

confronted God. Why was He so cruel? Why are there wars? Why do so many people suffer

in anguish? Why do children die? What about natural disasters? Why is life so hard? Why

does evil appear to be so strong?   What’s it all about?


During my life-long adventure, I’ve drawn a few conclusions:

  • On the Other Side, the soul is without fear or anguish.

  • It knows nothing of suffering or pain, which are the difficult lessons we learn from our journey

    on the earth plane.

  • We’re just here to learn, like children going off to Without these lessons, the soul cannot grow

    in wisdom.

  • Jesus was the son of God, but we all are children of God. The difference is that when Jesus was

    incarnated he already was a perfect Soul and He volunteered to come here to help mankind to be

    a living example of love!

  • Our souls are not yet perfect, which is why we’re here striving for perfection so we can be one with God.


Everyone says that Man has free will – which we can go along doing our own thing, it’s our choice. That

isn’t the whole story!  We exercise our right to choose even before we enter this reality. Before each

lifetime, we ourselves choose to take on the Earth assignment or not. It’s always our choice.

When we view our human assignments from the world of Spirit, no problems seems difficult – even a

physical lifetime of infirmity. Since there’s no “time” on the other side, when viewed from the other

dimension, an entire physical incarnation seems like a blink of the eye.


However, once we get here, and are subject to the physicality of the Earth plane, things are lot harder than

we thought We have no recollection of the path we chose from the world of Spirit. And the greatest lessons

to be learned here, will be learned through pain and suffering.   It’s important to remember that we

volunteered to come here just as Jesus did.


Once we enter this reality, we have to finish the journey. Our souls are not yet perfect and make many

mistakes, which is why we’re assigned helpers.



They are our “Guardian angels” as some call them, or perhaps the “Holy Spirit,” depending on your

particular religious preference. The job of these angels is to make sure we stay on our destined path, no

matter what.


If necessary, and if it’s part of our destined path, the angels can fish us out of the fire, so to speak, if we’re

in danger of messing it up beyond repair. These special angelic acts are usually referred to as “miracles.”


Sometimes, the lessons in our Earth school are just too difficult for us to handle, so our ever-vigilant

helpers may have to intervene in yet another way.


They may actually enter our physical bodies. Then they work with us and through us so the work will be

accomplished. These special helpers are called “Walk-Ins,” and they bring whatever tools are necessary

to complete the job.


It doesn’t happen often, but I feel I had a walk-in helping me in the mortgage business. It was at a time

when I felt great frustration, and was being pushed to the edge.


Although I have confidence in my own abilities, this was more than I could handle.


I was filled with confusion, and, at time, deep depression over my inability to deal with what seemed

to be professional chaos all around me.


And one day, there “he” was! I was still me, but even more me than before! I ploughed through my work as

if I were on a speeding train. Everything was clear, and I was invincible. When the walk-in left and

returned to Other Side, I felt as if some part of me was missing. It was a lonely feeling.