Is It Chance Or Destiny?

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They Took My Tool Back.

Trash Pick Up Stick

We just talked about “The Boys” giving me the tools I need to finish  my mission

represented by my cane. I was tired of trying and trying again with noting

happening.  They gave  me the tools I need but to no avail  nothing happened, so

I gave them my 2 week notice and created a Calendar and X the days as they went

by. I got to day 7 and it happened. My “Pick Up Stick”, the tool I use to pick up

everything because I can’t bend down, disappeared.

It never left my room and I could not find it.

My wife even helped me and she could not find it so she went

into the other room and prayed to “St. Anthony”.  She got a message,  “It was on his windowsill behind the

drapes.”  We looked and there it was !  I can’t even get to the window, it is on the other side of my desk.

I guess they were testing me!


I haven’t been writing this book for the last two years  because I was just tired of all The adventures  I had

and all they gave me was false  hope.


The Boys Helped Me Save My Wife’s  Life To Make The Point! 

Image result for I can not breath

I haven’t been writing this book for the last two years  because

I was just tired of all The adventures  I had and all the false hope

 they gave me.


Things just never worked out, but today something happened to

me that seemed to be a message  from the boys that its not over yet.


My wife has been having problems breathing.  She needs a machine

and  an oral spray to help her  breathe. It opens up her nasal passage ways. One day she ran out.  She

needed a refill  for the Nasal Spray but she  had to go around and around with her  doctor to get her

refill approved.  Finally she got it and she asked me to go to the  drugstore to pick up the prescription

it would be ready in a half an hour so I started on my trip.  As I walking to the  bus stop, something told

me to walk  very fast so I did and when I got to the corner I could see that  the bus was only two blocks

away and  if I wasn’t walking so fast I would have  missed it.


Well the bus came I got on it and I only had to go  6 blocks to the next bus route going north, it was

a street called Central Avenue . As my bus pulled up to Central Ave.  the next bus I had to take

North to  the Drug Store,  pulled up,  but I was on the wrong side of the street so I had to rush across

the street to catch it.


There was also another  man running to catch the bus.  He got there just  in time. That delayed

the  bus for a few seconds and   gave me time to  catch it to.  I was only going four blocks.


 When I got on the bus, the  driver apologize to me,  she  was running late because the bus had  a

mechanical problem.


Ten minutes later I got off and ran into CVS Pharmacy and as I approached the pharmacy they were

pulling  down the gate and closing for the evening I told them that it was important,  my wife

couldn’t breathe so  then they gave me her  prescription.  I just made it there  with seconds to spare

The odds of me getting there on time were “0” .   There was no doubt that the Boys made it happen.


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