Is It Chance Or Destiny- What’s It All About?

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How does the Universe work?

There are two possible ways the Universe could work and 

function in our lives:

* The first one is by “Chance,” which means that anything and

   everything  happens at random.

* The second one is “Destiny,” which means everything is predestined

   to  happen, and happens for a definite reason.


 If everything is based on Chance, then the world possibly could end at

any moment! I choose to believe in Destiny because of the things that

have happened in my life.

Before we’re born, our life path is set. At our pre-determined moment of birth, Destiny works its magic and

starts our life “computer program.” If we follow the sign posts along the way, and listen to our “inner

voice,” our life’s work will be accomplished.


It’s like taking a train to a certain destination. We can board the train to Los Angeles or to Miami, it’s your

choice.   This is a very important concept: We choose the train!   This is how we exercise God’s gift to us of

Free Will.


The choice made in “heaven,” or “the higher plane of existence,” (or whatever you wish to call it) before we

are born is that the means of transportation will definitely be a train.


The destination, however, is entirely up to us.   We just have to follow the signposts (and they’ll be there!),

to know which is the right choice to accomplish the goals of our particular journey.


I’ve never made a choice without Destiny taking me by the hand. Every step I took in life led me to the next

logical step. If I was about to make a wrong choice, something popped into my head which showed me

another way to go, or else I had a dream. These dreams gave me the idea or the direction I needed to keep

myself on the right path.


Our paths are well marked all along the way, and to help us stay the course, each one of us has many

helpers on the higher planes. These helpers, referred to by various names according to different religions,

are with us every single moment of our lives. I call them our Guardian Angels.


They’re always there to help you, not just for the large things, but for the smallest things as well.


My sister once heard Oprah say she feels there are even angels that help you find things like a “lost-shoes-

under-the-bed angel.” By relating my own life experiences, I hope the following chapters will illustrate

why I believe there is no random chance, and that God and our Guardian Angels are with us always.