Is It Chance Or Destiny- What’s It All About?

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Jesus, Who Was He?

According to the Catholic Church, Jesus Christ was the son of God,

born to the Virgin Mary. He incarnated into a physical body,

was as human as you or I, and endured the same human emotions

as  you or I.  He was the Messiah who was promised to the Jews.

He was a “Sacrament” of God; that is, he makes visible who God is. Who

do I think Jesus was?


Jesus was the Son of God, but the Bible says that we are ALL God’s creation, and that would make Jesus

our Brother.  I believe there is one basic difference between Jesus and any other person on the Earth

plain. Jesus incarnated as a  perfect Soul. He had already reached the level of perfection where he could

merge with and become one with God.


Religion teaches that God sent his Son to the Earth plane to save mankind and  die for our sins.


But EVERY soul comes to the Earth plane to learn and evolve until he achieves perfection. That may take

five or fifty or five hundred lives.   When the soul ultimately achieves perfection, it will also merge and

become one wit h God. Jesus was a Perfect Soul who had became one with God.   He didn’t have to come

again but he volunteered to come back and be an example of Spiritual Love. He came back to spread the

glory of God to the Jewish people.


That doesn’t mean that He was the only perfect soul that joined with God, but he was the one who came

here. Jesus was around thirty years old when he began his true mission for God. As a Jewish scholar and

teacher, he earned the title of “Rabbi.”


Jesus was around thirty years old when he began his true mission for God. As a Jewish scholar and

teacher, he earned the title of “Rabbi.”


In the Jewish religion, however, a man cannot be called “Rabbi” unless he is married, and so herein lies

the controversy regarding Mary Magdalene. That is a subject for another book.

One day, your soul will reach perfection and will join with God, or the Father. This is the goal. We’re all

striving to become one with God.


Do you think it’s possible by existing only once on the Earth plane?


This brings up another question: Free Will.


We all know each human being has received God’s gift to us of free will. It was Jesus free-will choice to

come to reincarnate onto the Earth well before his birth. And He knew exactly what would happen to him

when he came here – the birth, the death, and the resurrection.


That’s why I argue with my Guardian Angels.


Sometimes, I think they don’t realize how difficult it is to exist on the human plane. Although we may

volunteer on the Other Side to endure all the trials and tribulations of human existence, we’re looking

through “spirit eyes.” Once we get here, enduring everything is a different story!


I feel like a very old soul who’s been around for a while. Well, I guess I’ll just keep on trying to get it right so

I won’t have to keep coming back!