Is It Chance Or Destiny- What’s It All About?

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I believe that there are three types of dreams:

  • Communication with the other reality.

  • The re-programming of your soul.

  • Experiences from prior lives.


There have been many times after an intense dream that I feel as if my

soul left my body. I call it “dream hangover” like there’s a little of me


missing. That part of my soul that was out there traveling somewhere

got  left behind. In some of those dreams, I have been shown some kind

of message. The dreams are very intense and you remember them. The Other

Side is communicating  with you.


Sometimes I just dream and don’t remember a thing except that I was dreaming.   Usually, after a night of

those dreams, I feel cleansed; my feelings have been changed or cleaned out.


The third type is the hardest to accept and to believe. It’s based on the concept that the soul comes to Earth

more than just once. It returns here until it learns all that it needs to know before it reunites with God. How

egotistical is Man to believe that after only one little life on Earth, his soul is ready to join God in the divine

world of Heaven.

Some Of My Dreams

  • I Was A Doctor In World War I

    I was a Doctor in World War I


    This dream was my most intense dream and it proved to

    me that my soul was here before.


    I dreamed I was a German doctor in World War I and I

    was with my nurse.  We were standing in a large field just a

    fter a huge battle. There were dead bodies everywhere. Our job was

    to sort the dead bodies.  The good bodies we threw them on a railroad

     flat car, and shipped them back to Germany.  The bad bodies we threw into a ditch to be burned.


    The smell of the dead bodies was overwhelming, like nothing I could have imagined. The smell was

    so bad that I threw up right in my bed,  all over myself. I felt like a little baby soiling his bed. In this

    life, I have never smelled death. But if I never smelled it before, then how could I dream about

    something that I knew nothing about?


    The smell was so foul, that my soul remembered it. It stayed with it from my previous life. If you ever

    smelled something like that, your soul would never forget it!

  • I Met The President

    I Met the President


    After my jail experience I was very depressed. One night I had a very

    intense dream. In my dream, a man came up to me and shook my

    hand. He said, “Don’t be depressed you’re coming with me.” I

    responded, “And who are you going to be?” He said he was going to

    be the President of the United States!


    I told my sister about the dream and asked her to watch out for a

    man  Sure enough, she found him but it’s not time yet to reveal who he is.


    My sister is a real physic, images come to her and she helps people and does not charge them for her

    services, but that’s another story.

  • Mortgage Mailers

    The Mortgage Mailers


    I had a dream that I was in my supply room. I opened a box of

    envelopes and instead of envelopes, in the box there was money!

    Based on what was happening in my life at the time, I translated

    the dream to mean that if I sent  out letters or mailers. I  would

    make money. I sent out the mailers for myself and other loan officers, and I did make money !

  • Another Mortgage dream

    Another Mortgage Dream


    After five years of doing mailers, the results have slowed down, but I had

    another dream and it basically said:

    • I will be getting a lot of business.

    • I will make a lot of money.

    • That my Guardian Angels would help me get all my loans approved.

    This was a recent dream, and I’m still waiting to see if it comes true. But I’m starting to work on the

    telemarketing concept instead of mailers. I will soon know for sure!

  • Indy Mac

    Indy Mac

    Solutions Funding wanted me to be a wholesale account representative so I could help the company

    increase their business. I worked at it for three months, and only made a total of $2,000 for the entire

    three months.


    I could be a wholesale mortgage company again and sell all my loans to IndyMac Bank, the same as the

    old days when I sold them to Sears. Then I had my dreams. In two days, I had four dreams about

    IndyMac, “Sell You Loans To Indy Mac.

  • My Guardian Angel

    My Guardian Angle

    My loans were so bad, I couldn’t take the pressure any longer.


    Then, I had another dream that my Guardian Angels would help me and that I shouldn’t worry about

    the loans any longer. They were going to help me process them!


    I was working on a difficult loan for Richard, which was a combination 1st and 2nd mortgage which I

    had to close at the same time. It had been rejected from the first Lender, Mortgage IT. The second

    lender, Indy Mac, sort of lost the file.


    It was also supposed to go to WAMU. And WAMU never looked at it. The borrower called me three

    times a day and had to think I was stupid.


    The Guardians took over. The day after the dream, Carole’s heater broke. Carole was Richard’s sister.

    Carole called Richard to come over and fix the heater. Richard had fixed Carole’s buildings for eighteen

    years and never charged his sister any money!


    Carole started talking about his deal, and said that she would lend him the $18,000 for closing and he

    could get a new 2nd mortgage and pay her back.


    She had never given him anything before, and Richard was shocked. But the Guardians made sure that

    the two people got together and that because of her past guilt, Carole offered to help her brother. She

    lent him the money, and one month later, on the second attempt, we closed the loan with LaSalle Bank.

  • My Path

    My Path

    I’d been questioning why nothing concrete was happening in my life, and what would become of me, so

    my Guardian Angels gave me a dream to explain their actions:


    I was being given a very large list of tools I needed to do a mortgage company, and I was given

    duplicates of those tools in case one of the tools didn’t work. The tools weren’t what they seemed to be,

    but were really some thing else.


    For example, I am negotiating with two different banks to do a mortgage company, but maybe that’s

    not what I am going to do.


    Maybe instead I will get a line of credit from them so I can use their money to fund my loans!


    The list was translated to me and it seemed almost complete. We’ll see in the near future if it will come

    to pass.

  • My Mission

    My Mission

    This dream was very clear: I was cleaning my apartment, and it was a mess. It was located in “God’s

    building,” and my apartment symbolized the mortgage industry. When the dream was over, but while

    I was still asleep, I received a message. That I will help correct man’s inhumanity against man.


    That was a pretty big job for one person, so in my sleep I asked, “What tools will I get to help me with

    the mission?” And in my sleep, I was answered: “You will get God’s Help!”


    Again, we’ll see.   To date, everything in my life seems like it’s ending, and I am starting a whole new

    within the next thirty days.” My sister’s friend, who’s an astrologer, also said that the current phase of

    my life is complete, and everything will be changing after thirty days.

  • I Have Everything That I need

    I Have Everything I Need

    I have been praying to God for the tools I need to perform my mission. One night after my prayers, I

    had a dream that I was putting a puzzle together. All the pieces were on the table. I just had to figure

    out how they fit together.


    So I believe they were telling me I had all the pieces, just snap them together.

  • Finnish The Book

    Finish the Book

    I have been praying to God for the next marketing direction to initiate some money because I’m out of

    loans. That night after my prayers, I had a dream. “Finish the book” was my answer, so I am finishing

    this book.