Is It Chance Or Destiny- What’s It All About?

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What is it? The Bible calls them Prophets. The one who hears the words

of God. Moses had 70 of them based on the Biblical accounts. A Psychic is

NOT a fortune teller.


There are two types of Psychics, the first one is a “True Prophet and

the second type is called a “False Prophet” as the Bible refers to them.

A True Prophet hears the words from God and does not charge people

for those words or their services.

A True Prophet does not have to charge people a fee because he or she

works for God and God provides for him.


A False Prophet may hear words, but are they Gods words? They also probably charge people

for their services.


Remember there are two powers in the Universe, Good and Evil. There is a very good chance that Evil

also talks to Prophets.


I know of a Prophet and I call her some times for information. She can not tell me any information about

the future; like the winning lottery number or who is going to win a football game, but what she can see,

is who you are. She reads your Soul.


If the person is good or evil, if he is honest or a thief. That energy is stored in the energy of your Soul, who

you are.


It is almost like reading your mind, but in reality it is reading your Soul. Sometimes her Guardian Angels,

her Advisors will send her an image describing a situation or an event.


When I do business with someone I ask her if I can trust him. Remember one thing about Evil is that Evil

poses as good and it is very hard to see through people and really see them for themselves. Many times they

tell us what we want to hear and trick us into believing that they are very good.