Is It Chance Or Destiny- What’s It All About?

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What is a message?

A message is a thought that just seems to pop into your head. Whose

thought is it? Is it your own, or is it from your Guardian Angel?


It is like a radio transmitter which transmits the signal, but

in order to receive the signal, we have to first turn on the ‘radio’

and then turn to the right channel.


least expect them. Most of the people that called me to refinance their.

We all can receive them! A message is much more important than a

dream.  It puts the information in plain language so our simple minds can comprehend the

idea or the thought. They come to you when you mortgages read my mailer that they received,

and then my Angels gave them a message to call me.


I was successful in business because my Guardian Angels would give my clients the message to call me.

That’s what my clients told me, “Something told me to call you.”


If you really want to help people, God finds a way of you sending people in need. When you do that, you

become one with the Universe. During meditation is a perfect time to send and receive messages.


Through prayer, you can also send and receive messages – especially in a house of worship because the

church or synagogue acts as a filter, filtering out evil and cluttering thoughts.


In the Bible, Moses assembled seventy prophets to receive messages from God. But if you believe, and you

can concentrate or meditate, we all get messages from God or our Guardian Angels – so are we all

prophets? Another good place to get messages is in the car when we’re focused on the road ahead,

because our mind is clear of clutter.


My Messages

  • We Can Do It Again

    One day, while I was driving my car, I got my first real message: “We did it for you the first time and we

    can do it for you again.” They were referring to the time they put me in the mortgage business, and I

    was overwhelmed with business.


    I’m not sure I really want to do it all over again, but with God’s help, maybe I can do it right the second

    time around. We’ll have to see if I’m given a second chance.


    To make sure that I would be a mortgage banker again, after a twenty-year hiatus, my Guardian Angels

    started to make the approval process of getting my brokered loans approved very difficult.


    So I assume that I am going to be mortgage banker for the second time.

  • Grow My Beard Back

    One day on a bus in New York City, my sister got a message for me, tell your brother to grow his beard

    back.  So I did, and I still do not know why!

  • I Am Not Going Back

    One day on a bus in New York City, my sister got another message for me; tell your brother he is not

    going back so stop worrying. My sister said “that if I jumped off a cliff I would just walk away.”


    After my stroke things have been very difficult, both physically and mentally. I have been praying for

    God to take me back. I cannot endure much more in this existence any longer.


    Everything goes wrong and it all seems so hopeless. It must be God’s plan for me so I can start the next

    chapter of my life. But I am very, very tired.

  • I Can Come Home

    One day, while at the computer, I got a message that “I could come home.” I guess my Guardian Angels

    got tired of me complaining about wanting to leave and go back to Heaven.


    During the last week, I have become very dizzy. It is not my blood pressure and is not my high sugar

    levels, but there is something very wrong.


    The words in my head said that it was my “ticket home.” I felt my Guardian Angels did something to my

    health that would allow me to go back home to God.


    I thought about it for a few minutes and replied “I need two weeks to get my financial affairs in order

    so I can leave my  wife a little more money.”


    Then I realized something. What would she do without me? What would all the people who needed me

    do without me?


    I could not run away and leave them all behind!