Is It Chance Or Destiny- What’s It All About?

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Good And Evil

Where there is Good, there is Evil. They are opposites of the same coin.

The more Good in you, the more it seems that Evil is attracted to you.

Every day of my life, in one way or another, I feel Evil trying to cause

problems, trying to disrupt what I’m doing. Thank God, in every

instance, Good comes to the rescue! The constant battle between Good

and Evil in my life gets a little tiring.


Perhaps one day, I’ll find a place in the Universe to hide, where I am no longer in this eternal battle

between  Good and Evil. Perhaps it’s in Heaven…


As we go travel our life’s path, becoming closer and closer to God, the more Evil tries to interfere.  May

be I  should feel good, that I am always under attack from Evil, It must mean I’m getting closer to union

with God,  or closer to achieving my life’s work in our Creator’s service.

Never underestimate Evil. It’s brilliantly clever in hiding its true purpose, and quite often, presents itself

as “Good.”

Example:“Apostle  X”

He generate his own religious order.   Who anointed him? 

  • “He  has many pictures of himself on his flyers, on his web site, everywhere !  It  emphases his Ego.

  • I do not have one picture of my self on this Web Site!

  • He  has a house worth over $2,000,000.00

  • I lost my house to evil and greed and live in an Apartment

  • They have  Book and Flyers about the people the have helped and why you should believe in them  and

    you should bow to him because they have a special relationship with the Lord Jesus.

  • As I stated earlier,  Jesus is our brother, we are all children of God. He is our brother not our Lord

    and is with us all.

  • In this Book I basically talk about my adventures proving my theories to help inspire you. I am

    not threatening you to believe or go to hell.

  • Maybe we are in Hell now and we have to work our way out of it!


Just reads any newspaper or listen to any newscast. The battle between Good and Evil is in full

swing, with the ultimate stakes being the survival of man on this planet.


Look at North Korea, for example, who exploded a nuclear weapon and broke all treaties just to blackmail

the rest of the world. Never underestimate who Evil will use to win their battle.


 Good has taught me how to recognize Evil, and even how to use it to get the job done. That was my training.

For instance, the Knights of the Round Table were champions of Good, but they also killed. The difference

was their justification of the act.


Once I wished I could be reborn in the past as a Knight of the Round Table.  Then, I heard a voice in my

head say “You already are.”

I already am? I already am WHAT?


The true meaning revealed itself in my head. Apparently, I don’t need horse or sword or armor to help

“damsels” and others in distress.   All I need – all anyone needs – is kindness in our hearts to do whatever

we can to help people. And when we truly have this kindness in our hearts, then we’re acting just like the

knights of old, and we become worriers for Good – for God.


In my life experience, my first business partner was an alleged gangster. My second business partner was

sent to jail twice for financial crimes.


My third business partner cheated me out of $150,000. Finally, my fourth business partner went to jail for

fraud and his associate is a three-time loser for securities fraud. You’d think I would have learned my

lessons sooner, but remember, Evil is a genius at disguising itself! And these were lessons I needed to

learn!   After all my early adventures, I finally took a job, and never had another partner.                            


However, many of the people I worked for cheated me in some financial way.


The Earth plane is a very dangerous place, but I guess I had to experience being cheated so I could

understand it from the “victim’s” point of view. That gave me even more of a desire to fight back!