Is It Chance Or Destiny- What’s It All About?

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It Does Not Stop!

One night I had an argument with the boys for not helping me do my Job.

They told me to stop trying and worrying about doing it! I was not the one to start the Mortgage business

or any thing else. It was them.  They always put me in the right place at the right time or sent someone to

me to create a situation that would create a situation that I would have to respond to.  They were right so

I stopped worrying and let them do their job and it started to get very, very heavy!

  • My Accountant

    I was having a lot of trouble with my account.

    He did like my expenses and he did my tax returns wrong because he was worried about them being

    Audited, so he showed that Liberty made a 40,000 profit for 2022.  When I did the numbers based

    on my Bank Statements I showed that we actually Lost $20,000.00.  He just did it that way because

    he felt if I paid them there would be a lesser chance to be audited.   I decided I would have to get rid

    of him because it cost me $6,100  to make him happy.

    So What Happened?


    I told Jeffery that I wanted to use his new Bookkeeper, but he said no because he did not want the

    same problem that I had now. Terry’s firm also did Jeffs bookkeeping.


    I had to go to the store and I was going to take the Buss because it was only 10 Blocks away but

    something, (The Boys) told me to take an UBER, so I called.   I was talking to the driver and guess

    what I found out !  She was also a Bookkeeper.  Either the Boys sent her to me or it was a

    confirmation that I was supposed to get rid of current accountant.  I hope she calls me!


    They pushed me in the right direction again.  Get a new Bookkeeper/Accountant ! ! !

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