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 ReHab Loans

FNMA Home Style

Requires down payment of 5.00%.

Minimum qualifying credit score of 620.

No minimum dollar amount required for repairs.

Fully amortized over 15 year and 30 year, fixed term options.

Construction consultant required for repairs or repairs over $35,000.

FHA 203K Loans

FHA State Loan Limits apply.

Fixed Rate and amortized over 30 year.

Requires down payment of 3.50%, Seller credit up to 6%

Licensed Contractor required, drawings must be preapproved .

Minimum qualifying credit score of between 580 & 600 (Per Lender).

FHA Micro Loan up to 30,000.00.

Investors Line Of Credit

This Program  is a line of credit  investors can use to

buy and rehabilitate investment property. The loan

amount is based on;

  • * 5 Times your liquid assets

  • * Minimum liquid assets is $50,000.00

Investors Renovation Mortgage

The Loan Program lends money to investors to buy and

rehabilitate investment property with one loan closing.

The loan amount is based on;

* 90% LTV of the purchase price. (10% Down)

* 95% LTV of the repair cost (Based On Lender)

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