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Liberty: Illinois, Florida, Texas     DMI: AR, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IN,  IL,  MD, MI, NV,  SC, TX,  UT, VI
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Pricing Engines 

(LoanSifter is an Industry pricing engine, almost all the Lenders are listed there)

VA Approved

  • The Lender

    The Lender  Click Here

    [(VA Approved)

    Login:  [email protected]   

    Password: Mike.3408

    1. Click on Scenario’s

    2. fill out all data with RED Markings

    3. Make sure you fill out “Lender Fee Buyout” “No Fee”

  • Remn

    Remn  Click Here

    [(VA Approved)

    Login:  [email protected]   

    Password: Remn123$

    1. Click on Pricing

    2. fill out all data with RED Markings

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