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Loan Programs

Grant Program Comparison

* No Income/ No Employment for Investment Properties (Non-QM)!

* Non-QM product starts with a 620 FICO!

* Gift Funds allowed for Owner Occupied and Investment Properties (Non-QM)!

* Non-Warrantable Condo’s to 85% LTV (Non-QM)!

* Cash-Out can be used for Reserves (Non-QM)!

* Close in an LLC (non-QM)!

* Cash-Out with No Seasoning requirement (Non-QM)!

* Late Mortgage payments allowed under Non-QM!

* 15 financed properties (Non-QM)!

* 12 months banks statements (personal or business) for qualifying income (Non-QM)!

* 1 day out of Foreclosure and/or Bankruptcy and/or Short Sale (Non-QM)!

* HELOC’s up to 90% CLTV!

* FICO scores down to 550 on FHA & VA files!

* Manual Underwriting down to a 550 FICO on FHA & VA!

* Borrowers with NO SCORE!

* No Overlays on 580+ FICO FHA loans!  

* Manufactured Homes allowed!

* Close New Construction end loans with a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy!

* Ability to make conditions Prior to Funding or Post-Closing!

* Fannie Mae’s HomeReady and Freddie Mac’s HomePossible products!

* Asset Depletion/Dissipation allowed!

* Jumbo’s up to 90% LTV and 3 Million!

* 100% LTV Cashout on VA loans!

* VA IRRRL’s and USDA Streamlines!

* .625% pricing special on all FHA Streamlines!

* USDA Manual Underwriting and Scores down to 600!

* FHA 203(h) Mortgage Insurance for Disaster Victims!

* Renovation loans on Owner Occupied, 2nd Homes, and Investment Properties!

* Renovation for Luxury Items (HomeStyle Product)!

* Escrow Holdbacks up to $5,000 on Conventional, FHA, and VA files!

* “Self Help” on FHA 203k’s!

* Marketing Flyer Wizard!

* IRS transcripts are not required!

* Easy to use, accurate Pricing Engine!

* Pricing concessions if necessary to match or beat competitors!

* Free 1 day or more lock extensions if necessary!

* Closing Disclosure (CD) issuance before you receive your final Clear to Close (CTC)!

* Use of a higher scoring credit report at any point throughout the loan process!

* Transferred appraisals allowed and ordering of appraisals before loan submission allowed!

* 9 Different AMC’s to choose from!

* Consistent, Precision Underwriting (ability to choose your underwriter for every file)!

* Same day closings if necessary!

* Move conditions to funding or post-closing if necessary!

* Ability to match or beat competitor pricing!

* RESPA cures up to $75 if necessary on us!

* 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week availability from an Account Executive with underwriting experience!