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2501 S Trumbull Ave, Unit 2 Chicago, IL 60623
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Liberty  Mortgage                              Direct Mortgage Investors

Rep:              Jim Reuter                                        Rep:            Dave Nelson

Phone:          608-284-0518                                    Phone:        877-216-9814

Email:           [email protected]       Email:         [email protected]

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Mortgage Programs 

InvestorX – Full/Alt Doc

* Scores down to 540

* 6 months property seasoning

* Leasing agreements in lieu of Schedule E docs

* Bank statements to qualify

* No reserves under $1M loan

InvestorX – DSCR

* No job, no income on 1003

* Foreign national program

* 6 months property seasoning

* Negative cash flow <.50

* Interest only available

* Five (5) loans per borrower

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